Thank a Veteran

Why Buy Veteran?

The message is simple: "Hey America", you trust veterans and want to thank them for bravely serving our country? Then support the 3 million American businesses owned by military veterans. Buy Veteran.” A recent nationwide poll revealed that 95 percent of American consumers feel a sense of gratitude toward veterans and two-thirds said they’d be more likely to buy from veteran-owned businesses. Americans trust veterans who trained under a strong code of ethics. The American people want to “thank” veterans, not “donate” to them. Big difference.

Eat at a veteran-owned restaurant. Let a veteran-owned contractor remodel your house. Hire a veteran-owned tax preparer or lawyer. Drop off your laundry at a veteran-owned drycleaner. It’s good business. And it’s good for our economy.

Buy American. Buy Local. Now buy Veteran.
To find more information about Veteran owned businesses please visit Buy Veteran .